How to Order

1.Please fill in all the required items in the order form below and click the send button. Please be sure to fill
    in the name of all the products you wish to order and their quantities in the Order list box.

2.After sending your order, you will receive an email confirming the amount to be paid.

3.Once you have confirmed that the information is correct, send us an email of confirmation.

4.We will send you the PayPal account information. To make your payment, please access the PayPal URL
   shown in that email.

5.As soon as we have confirmed payment, we will ship you your order and will inform you by email that the
   order has been sent.

*The products should reach you within one week. If they are not in stock, however, it will take a little longer.
  In that case, we will send you another email on the day that they are shipped.
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